Working lives whilst awaiting Lletz


just wondering for those of you that work did you have any time off work whilst awaiting/recovering for Lletz.

i know it's good to carry on as normal but obviously our bodies are worrying at the same time. 

For me if I go into work I'm deemed fit to work however I may be feeling inside, time off if frowned upon.

im having Lletz under Ga and it was suggested today that I can use my time owing hours for that particular day (im not agreeing to that).  It's a Friday procedure , Saturday and Sunday are my days off then the following week I'm on holiday leave.

opinions please 

Hi, I had lletz but under local and went bac just a couple of hours after. However my boss was really supportive and did question whether I should be there. it is different for you, as yours is a general, however I felt super emotional after which wasn't quite what I'd expected! I don't think you should take your own time though, can you self certify for five days? Good luck with your treatment and work x

Self-certify yourself for a few days. Somtimes the emotional impact is worse than physical. Stay in your jim jams and chill X