How soon can I return to work. 

Bored need to get back to normal soon but still get tired.Smile


Diagognosed 12November 2012, 1b1/1b2 tumour

Radical hystarectomy 9 th January 13

7 week check up no further treatment needed.




Hi Tracey,


I had chemo/rad and no operation but I started treatment in November and finished end december.  I went back to work 18/2 but am lucky enough to do a lot of my work from home so its been easier on me.  I suppose a lot depends on your job and what it involves and whether your employer offers you a phased return.  I've not had results yet and although still tired, needed to occupy my mind.  Don't rush it and be sure you are ready before making that commitment.  I wish you well and you'll make the right decision


Hi Tracey - I’m preparing for a phased return to work and have found the information avaiable on the Macmillan site very useful for getting my thoughts in order, particulalrly the checklists and the guide to our rightsunder the Equality Act. Worth a look.

Hi Tracey,

Wondered how you are getting on re work. I had my op the day after yours so I guess we’re at a similar stage. I work for an environmental charity and mostly work in an office although I normally spend a few weeks a year overseas running workshops or participating in field expeditions. None of the more exciting stuff for me for a while! :frowning:

I went back this week and we have agreed that I’ll try 3 x 5 hour days a week to start with. My HR and boss have been very supportive and have basically said I should do as much or as little as I feel up to, but I wanted to agree a schedule and set it up on my online Calendar so people knew when they could book meetings with me and so on. I normally work from home one day a week, but I have said that I won’t do that while I’m recovering. When I’m at work I’m working and when I’m at home I’m not.

Have done 2 days so far and am very glad I am doing short days. Can barely keep my eyes open after about 4 hours and all I’m really doing is catching up on emails and touching base with colleagues. Am also finding sitting up to the desk makes my belly ache and my already numb leg go to sleep. Still it’s good to be back, contributing as part of the team and doing my bit for staff morale by generally lowering the tone of the place. Feel like I’m one step closer to getting back to a normal routine.

Hope things are going ok for you - do give us an update when you’re ready. x