Hi guys... just having a 'moment'! Thinking about returning to work in the new year and bobbing myself about it. After everything that has happened, especially after the birth of Jude, I am struggling with the concept of doing my job as a midwife! I am soooo jealous of pregnant women at the moment! I hope I feel better soon as I love my job and I have worked so hard to qualify.


Hi Hel,

what is 'bobbing?!'

i can only imagine how difficult this is for you, but you are brave and strong, and you obviously have so much to offer. I think you would regret it if you didn't go back, and although it will be incredibly hard, it will get easier. I'm sure as a midwife you often have to help women make difficult decisions, and you are in such a good position to do that. 


Molly xxx

Oh Helen,

I can really understand how your choice of work might not be the best for where your head is just now, but what an unbelievably marvellous midwife you must be! Wish you were here! I am not too fond of the local lady ;-)

Having said that, I imagine that you will receive a far greater understanding of what you are going through and how you are feeling from the people that you work with than just about any other possible form of employment.

Lots and lots of love and huge hugs



Aw - you have a great gift Helen in being able to help these ladies to give birth and as Tivoli said, you will get lots of support from your work colleagues.  It will not always be easy for you, but this makes you all the more brave.  Work can also think about others and give us satisfaction, so go girl!