hi all

i was wondering if anyone is working or not working while they await treatment plans etc.

i have not worked since i was informed of my condition (1 week ago) i just can't face it plus i work away from my children in the week and i need to be around them at the moment.



Hey Pat,

I did go to work between diagnosis and my surgery but I may as well not have done! I worked from home on the days I couldn’t face it. Some days it was nice to go in for the distraction though and I wanted to say bye to people before my hysterectomy, which is a good thing now as I’m still off until 18 weeks after.

Just do what you feel is right xx

Hi Pat, 

I was off at the time of diagnosis anyway because I'd had such a bad reaction to my lletz and was in a lot of pain with an infection, but I didn't work between my diagnosis and my surgery. I couldn't have done - I was just in shock and didn't quite know what to do with myself, so frankly in a work situation I'd have been no use to anyone! My husband worked from home from the day I was diagnosed, so we basically battoned down the hatches and stuck together to deal with the storm. I didn't want to be on my own. 

Having said this, everyone is different and what was right for me might not be right for someone else, so I would say the most important thing is to do, as Jo said, what you feel is right for you. Make the decision based on your gut feeling, rather than what you think you 'should' do or what other people tell you you should be doing. Rarely when I follow my instincts do I find I've made the wrong decision. 

Love, Annabel. x

Hi Pat,

I've worked everyday since diagnosis except for hospital appointments.  I have the day off before my surgery.  That said, due to the nature of my job (IT) I can work from home a bit and I have no children to look after so that has made it easier.  For me it has given me something else to focus on and has helped me cope better. 

As the ladies have said, everyone feels different so do what is best for you and what you feel you can cope with.

Take care,

Tess xx




thanks for all your responses.  although i'm also in IT i manage quite a large global team which involves travel and i just don't feel upto it.  As Annabel so succintly put it go with your gut feeling and mine is to stay home and do the school run Kiss

Annabel & Jo, what did the doctor put on your sicknote after a week out, you can PM if you would prefer.




Hi Pat

I echo everyone else's thoughts - you should go with your gut instinct and do what feels right for you.  There is no right or wrong way to deal with a cancer diagnosis.

I have 2 young children and worked part-time between diagnosis and surgery bar hospital appointments but did shorter days than usual.  If I'm honest though I went in for one sole reason - to hand over all my work so I didn't have to worry about it while I was off work post surgery!!!  I think it freaked my colleagues out a bit that I was handing all knowledge and tasks over but I wanted to be prepared in case I was off a while and could stop stressing about work and concentrate solely on getting better.

In reality I was a mess and not up to much.  I wasn't sleeping and couldn't concentrate so it was probably a bit pointless going in - I'm not sure I achieved much and in  hindsight it probably upset my colleagues seeing me so distraught.

I think it is perfectly reasonable to spend quality time with your family at this time and you shouldn't feel guilty for it :o)  Just be aware though that while most surgery is booked fairly quickly I had to wait nearly 6 weeks between diagnosis and surgery.  So you could be off longer than you think!

Good luck and take care

Kirsty x




Hi Pat, 

That was my instinct as well - my daughter is 9 years old and obviously was devastated and frightened (although she dealt with it amazingly, bless her) and I just wanted to be there to keep everything as safe and cosy as it could possibly be for her at such a difficult and scary time. Also, the anxiety and fear after diagnosis is frankly exhausting, so doing the school run twice a day and sorting out the house ready for when I was back from hospital, as well as organising all the practical stuff and attending pre-op hospital appointments, meant that work just wasn't on the cards - my career is extremely important to me, but at that time it just didn't matter and all I wanted was to be with my husband and daughter. 

When I got diagnosed, my GP signed me off for four months immediately. On the sick note he put 'cervical cancer'. 

Love, Annabel. x

Well i went to see my GP today and the visit was a little farcial, i met with a temp doctor, young male, my notes had not been sent over from the hospital so i had to go through what had happened thus far. he then asked what he could do for me today.  Sheesh!

he gave me a not fit for work for 2 weeks note and mentioned that smear tests were every 4-5 years and i was lucky to have caught it in between. because as he remembered stage 1 was still in the cervix, and i'm to stay off the internet.

and to top it all there was an empty tissue box in his room, so i had to rummage around my person for an old hanky!

surely my visit tomorrow with my consultant can only be better!

Silly boy - medics should never tell someone diagnosed with cancer that they've been lucky. I bet you've never felt less lucky in your life! Hope he's reflecting on that this evening. He's right about staying off the internet though (present company excepted).

In my experience, consultants can be a bit variable in their bedside manner although they do try very hard to be sympathetic. I found them very willing to answer questions especially about the factual stuff.

It was my specialist cancer nurse who was my best support and source of information throughout and I particularly remember her spending a long time with me explaining every detail of my diagnosis and treatment plan until I understood exactly what was going on.  She was also patient with listening to my fears and my grief. I hope you get a good one too.

So, good luck for tomorrow. Ask lots of questions if you need to. Don't be embarrased if you get emotional and let us know how you get on. Big hugs xxx