Words of advice?




First of all can I just say reading through some of these forums and the advice on this website has been really helpful!


I’m 24 years old and had my first smear test two weeks ago (Wed 10th Sept) everything went okay, I wasn’t overly concerned about having it, the nurse said there was quite a lot of discharge and she was slightly worried so she took a swab just to be sure.  I thought nothing of it and went on with my day.


I didn’t give the results a second thought until they came through a week later (Fri 19th Sept) I opened the letter and it said I had abnormal cells and “high grade dyskaryosis” and that it was “unlikely I had cancer” well all I saw was high grade and cancer and that was it, it sent me into an absolute state of panic, every outcome entered my head, I was absolutely freaking out!!!  All I wanted was my mum, who was on holiday at the time.  So I had the entire weekend to myself stewing about it and googling what a colposcopy was and abnormal cells, which made me freak out even more!  After talking to some work colleagues on the Monday they put my mind slightly at ease saying it was totally normal and loads of women get these back and it probably wasn’t anything to worry about.  So I calmed down realised I was probably over reacting and it would be nothing.  The next day I finished work and there was a letter waiting for me when I got home to tell me I had my colposcopy appointment….THE NEXT DAY!!  So this sent me into my overthinking panic mode all over again.  By this point my mum was home from her holidays and I had spoken to her and she told me not to worry and at least it’s getting moved along quickly and there wouldn’t be much waiting around.


So again I was put at ease, that was until I went for my appointment, everything was fine(ish) until the Dr told me I had “pre cancerous cells” that was it I was off again, especially because on the big screen there looked to be loads and it was right in the middle around the little hole.  So he said I would get another appointment today (Wed 24th Sept) to have some treatment and he told me I would be getting put to sleep for this.  Having been put to sleep plenty of times before this didn’t worry me, what was worrying me was “pre cancerous cells” now obviously I know it’s pre cancerous, but it still has the big C word in there.  So I got my appointment’s for my pre op and treatment, I have my pre op next week and then the treatment the week after.


So my question is this.


Has anyone else been put to sleep for these procedures?  Is it normal? Can these cells come back? and any general words of advice.  I’m trying to keep strong and not get upset in front of my mum and dad because they’re worried - which is making me worry.  I just don’t know what to expect and it’s all getting moved so quickly, is this normal?


Sorry for the massive ramble


Thank you in advance :)





Hi holly, I'm in the exact same boat as you, I'm also 24, had my smear three weeks ago and have my colposcopy booked for next Wednesday. from what I've read it's normal to be put to sleep for treatment if there's a larger amount of abnormal cells to remove so I wouldn't be too concerned about that. hospitals are pretty fast moving with all of this thank goodness. Everything you have said about just seeing the c word and being totally freaked out I guess happens to us all if you ever want to chat feel free to message me x 

Hi Holly,

I've had a similar experience to you and had treatment on the 23rd Sept but I was awake. I was also told I had a lot of discharge at my smear but when I asked the doctor she asked if I'd seen a change, I hadn't so she just explained everyone is different and not to worry. I have thermo coagulation and feel fine from it, I have heard you can get some period type pains but I'm not suffereing from them. Basically your treatment is to remove these cells so they don't develop into Cancer, you'll have another smear in 6 months and hopefully it'll come back as normal. I believe you'll have regular 6 month smears for about 2 years until the doctors think you're ok to go back to the usual 3 years like everyone else. Don't worry about the C word, they're doing this to prevent it, if it doesn't work the first time then they'll do it again. I'm pretty sure it usually works 1st time though!

Stay calm, I'm sure everything will be fine xx

Hi Danica


aw thank you for this, I had all sorts going through my head, and I think with everything happening in such a short space of time I just presumed the worst!!



Hi Jessnav

Oh really! I guess peoples opinions on "a lot" can vary.  It's good to know you're feeling okay.  thank you for your reply :)


Staying calm! That's the bit i need to remember :)



I was like that because they give time scales of 4-6 weeks for results etc then when you get it back so quick you just think omg Ive got cancer, I think it's just natural to feel how we are feeling. We are in good hands tho and it's great it's getting sorted so quickly x

Totally know where your coming from I got my results from my LLETZ back in less than 2 weeks (was told at least 4). My dr decided to ring me when they get sent through to them a couple of days before I got mine through the post nearly had heart failure when i saw a missed call off the dr rang straight back and was just told i would need to book in for a follow up smear no explanation or anything! Try not to worry over the procedure it really isnt bad the worst bit is waiting!

Good luck x

Hi Kitty Kat!


Totally agree the wait is the worst part!!! Just had my pre op for next week and i've been told I have CIN 3, so just when i'd reassured myself I'm back in panic mode again!


Trying not to get too worked up though, although this is easier said than done, only have 8 days and it's operation time.

Thanks for your support