Wording of your letter

Hi all after reading so many posts does the wording of our letters give us a clue. Some people are saying they had the word severe on their smear results letter. I had 'some abnormal cells called high grade dyskalyosis' or whatever they're called.


What did yours say?

High grade dys.....however you blooming spell it is the equivalent of CIN3. Why all doctors can't call it the same thing I don't know. I'm guessing you will be called for colposcopy. Smear test results aren't always right so they will probably biopsy you to have a more accurate idea of what you have. 

Wow 365 I know what your saying but was hoping for the possibility it may not be cin3 maybe I'm kidding myself. I'm petrified and yes I have a coloscopy being booked soon but now a little more worried 

They tend to call abnormal cells mild, moderate, severe or low moderate high roughly translating to CIN 1,2,3. Like I say smears aren't higely accurate. at the colposcopy they will be able to see what it looks like (they are pretty good at judging by sight) and will biopsy. I've had Vain (vaginal equivalent of CIN) my last smear said severe changes, at colposcopy they thought it looked severe but biopsy showed moderate. Likewise I've had looks severe and came back as borderline.

CIN3, if it is CIN 3,  is very treatable so please try not to panic too much, which I know is easier said than done. 

Hope so 365 I'm 30 and wanna live

Of course you'll live!!! It's precancerous, not Cancer. It's very, very treatable. 

in my area when the letter refers to high grade it can mean moderate or severe dyskaryosis - generallu moderate would be cin2 and severe cin3 but it can often be downgraded after biopsy from what the smear originally indicates. Your GP surgery will most likely let you know whether it is moderate or severe if the letter says high grade; try calling them -mine certainly told me the severity over the phone both times. Try not to worry as it could well end up much less abnormal than you think.

Hi sue I did phone gp but they said there's a big scale that the coloscopy will determine where I am so still clueless

That's not much help then! I guess every practise is different. Try not to worry as it may well not be very serious. Take care x

Hi sue yeah part of me doesn't want to phone again as if they say severe in feel worse, the possibility of it not being is keeping me going. Colposcopy is booked for 6th October so just gotta stay positive I suppose