Wording of your letter

Hi all after reading so many posts does the wording of our letters give us a clue. Some people are saying they had the word sever on their smear results letter. I had 'some abnormal cells called high grade dyskalyosis' or whatever they're called.


What did yours say?

Hiii my letter also said high grade diskaryosis. I think it just depends on your doctors preferred wording? etc I'm not sure tho! I think high grade is severe? I was told I had CIN3 anyways xxx 

Hi lou did you have a long wait for your treatment? 

My smear result letter said severe dyskariosis. My letter from colposcopy said the lab result

showed a mild abnormality. Currently waiting for 6 month check up smear result! 

Mine said I should have already of had my results discussed with a Dr, Ada report has shown abnormal cells and you need an urgent hospital appointment, this was from the hospital not my gp and I had to ring my gp as I didn't have a clue x