Wishing all those due to have a Hysterectomy lots of love

Hi All,

I wanted to send a little message today, to wish you lots of love and support. The srength from women who have gone through this treatment, and shared their tips, and worries, has been humbling. Tomorrow it's my turn, so the rest of today is going to be, getting ready for it. Palying with my kids, spending time with my partner, and bringing in to Hospital, a big fat heap of of positivity.

The outcome of my op, is something I nervous about, and the talk of chemo and radio, afterwards. But, one step at a time.

Thank you all for your support. I will update, when I am able too.


Great positivity, have a lovely day and stay strong x

Good luck Sylvia!

Enjoy today!


Best wishes and speedy healing for you Sylvia :)

Enjoy today with your family!

Hugs, Sarah

Big hugs Slyvia.  Praying for you and all the ladies who start their treatment this week. Praying that you won't need any more treatment Slyvia. 

Please let us know when you can as will be thinking of you. 

Loving your positivity- well done.  I surprisingly slept well the night before, I went to bed giving myself a good talking to and waking up thinking I can do this.  

Lots of love for tomorrow xxxx

Good luck today. I was very nervous in the run up, but felt very calm once I got to the hospital. Let us know how you are when you can x

Thinking of you Sylvia hope all went well and you are being looked after well too xxxx