Wish me luck...

hi ladies hope everybody is doing ok. Just wanted to let people no who have asked me to keep them updated that today my treatment starts!! Feeling slightly anxious not to bad at the minute but as the day goes sure and it gets closer to the time then I'm sure I won't be as calm!! So really just wanted to check in and say hello and let you no (that's if any one wants to no like!! Haha;-)!!) plus I do find writing on here quite therapeutic thinking of maybe starting a blog?? But thats for another day! So if you lovely ladies could wish me luck would be really greatful send me some positive vibes! Because I really need rid of this thing out my body! Anyway for those that are interested I will check back in later and let you know how it went. Hope everyone has a happy Monday

big hugs



Hi Dominique. I'll be thinking of you! I started my chemo a couple of weeks ago and my treatment day was lovely. I sat and read mags, chatted to other patients and gave myself a Mani and pedicure. I took plenty of sweets and traeats with me and the time flew.

Lots of love Karen xxx

Thankyou Karen I appreciate it just radiotherapy today my chemo starts Thursday so I indeed will take a picnic with me!! :-) hope your doing ok Hunni and finding treatment manageable take care xx

Hi, just wanted to send you lots of luck for today, its not that scary once you start treatments, take care and let me know how you get on.xxx

Thanks caroline and I will xx

Just starting to wake up in my time zone, so am slow at wishing you luck. You are probably all done with radiation therapy by now, so I will say I hope it goes/went well. Mine went pretty smoothly.

Chemo. Yep, take lots of different snacks, because you don't know exactly what will sound good at the time. And I take a kindle tablet and download free ebooks from the library to help later when brain needs diversion. A good friend went with me the first session. It is long, so plan on taking it easy for a couple of days after, even if you feel good. I was really scared. But I have made some lovely friends. Our TX room (means transfusion room) has male and female in it. Just so you know, the men are as scared and anxious as we are about this whole situation.

Best with hugs, Katie


Hi! Hope all went went & you got on ok xx

Hope you got on ok today....  Always worrying when its the 'first'


Hi ladies thank you for Your support. Radiotherapy went fine over in 15 minutes I was shocked when they come in and told me it was done! It was a long day tho I had a meeting with a chemo nurse beforehand feeling anxious about starting it. But I shall face that Thursday. So glad I can tick day one of now! Xx

Hi Dominique

So sorry I'm a bit late in wishing you luck but hope it went OK today. Hope the chemo goes OK too, will be thinking of you.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Thank you Cheryl went ok. Was so tired last night tho and feeling a bit sickly today but other than that ok! Xx