Wish me luck! I'm nervous!

Tomorrow mornjng I get my cone biopsy results back.. I pray it's not turned to cancer, it's been 11 years of this And that's why I'm not so optimistic. 

so much to think about, but if it's good news, I'm planning some kind of summer holiday with my kids!! 

Hope it's good news for you x

Good luck. If you can manage to just go then I would. Sieze the moment. My situation changes so quickly. We are in Scotland for a week. First half was great. Made some super memories. Last day or two have been hard but I'm keeping going. Home on Friday.

Ladies on here will support you through it all. X

good luck Hunni xx

Hope it's Good news best wishes xxx

Wishing you loads of luck.xx

Good luck, I hope you get the good news you are waiting for xx

Thank you everyone!!! My wishes came true! Clear margins!!! Back in 6 months but this was such a relief!! Thank you all so much! I pray for you all, what a scary road, I can't imagine so many of your situations!! 

Thanks everyone, however, I went back in november as planned.  Not so happy anymore with results that abnormal cells are once again found with a biopsy.  After 6 months of having 2 week periods since my cone biopsy, she could still see that there was a "tear" in my cervix and my cervix would instantly bleed when touched.  Have another appointment scheduled for May. GRRRRRRR