Will this go away

Well here i go i went for my routine smear last sep, results cam back mild abnormailties and hpv positive.Went for colposcopy were 3 biopsys were taken results showed CIN2 had loop under GA results came back Cin1 i also had cauttery for cervical erosion.

i am still bleeding after sex and still suffer with lower back pain in the middle of the night so i went back to the gp swabs taken came back BV so i had antibiotics she also saw a lump which she thinks was from the loop. went for colposcopy last tuesday i saw on the screen still scattered white cells when she did the dye and she also tried to take biopsies of the lump.

after  3 days i have severe itching and white mucus i had a little look and my whole vulva is swollen with white mucus and white clusters of what looks like spots and the back pain at night is even worse.

i am at the drs at 5 today, i dont know what i am really asking are they missing something i just want this to be over xx

You poor thing, what a horrible time you're having! It sounds like you might have an infection from all the prodding about, so you might need another course of antibiotics. 

Are your periods ok or have they changed at all? Have you had any bleeding in between your periods, part from after sex? If so, tell your doctor. Also tell her about the back pain and the bleeding after sex. 

I suspect that some of the problems you're having now are because of the colposcopy itself (not that unusual to get an infection after a colposcopy). Period-type back pain can be really bad after a colposcopy as well. Did they say it would be a few weeks for the results of your biopsy? 

Annabel. x

Hello Annabel thank you for the reply, i have had a coil for 4 years which they changed when i had loop so i have not had a period in 4 years my dr knows all about my bleeding and back pain, my doctors are a pain.

yes she said woulod be a few weeks for the results but she does want me back to burn the erosion again

laura xx

How did you get on at the doctor's?


she thinks bv again shev said im very swollen i just have a really bad feeling xx