Will they give u an idea if its bad?

Hi ladies, some of u already know I've got my appt for colposcopy on 4/11/13 and was wondering from your experiences if the dr who does it can tell if its going to be bad news. I'm aware that you have to AGAIN wait for results but do they give u an idea? X

Hi I had mine done on the 17th of September & they did tell me straight after in the recovery room what they found, & then I had to wait for the biopsy results. Hope this helps. xxx

Thank u it does help! Can u tell me did u have symptoms as well? I'm having some symptoms like bleeding after sex and in between periods, smelly discharge before and after period, pain all day everyday like period cramps and now weeing hurts. :-( gp also found something like a growth/cyst ! if it's too personal to answer I totally understand x

Hi sorry wasn't online to much, but yes I did have a lot of the symptoms you are describing, except the hurting wees. How long have you had these symptoms? xxx

Thank u for replying Hun well some symptoms for a year now but most for 3-6 months. I know you can have the same symptoms for other illnesses but I'm convinced its CC.