Will I need another test?


last year I had a cervical screening and after waiting nearly 12 weeks for the results they came back saying I had abnormal cells and they had detected hpv. I then got booked in for a colposcopy and I unfortunately was one of those women for whom it was excruciatingly painfull, the doctor said the ‘abnormalities‘ were very high up and weren’t what they would normally check for, the results came back as ok but I would have to have another one done in a years time. The doctor also said if the results came back showing I needed another colposcopy he would refer me to hospital to be put under anaesthetic for the procedure.

well it’s now 10 months on and I have had letters through for a screening and another colposcopy. My question is has anyone else been in this position? If I have a clear cervical screening do I still need a further colposcopy? and if for whatever reason I do need a Colposcopy would they ignore the previous doctors advise about being sent to hospital for the procedure or would they send my for an anaesthetic? 

Any advise appreciated

thank you