Will be having colposcopy on October 16 (scared)

Was diagnosed with hpv and high grade abnormal cells ,will be having a colonoscopy done on October 16 .my family and I as well as my boyfriend have discussed the possibility of me requesting a partial historectomy ,I have accepted years ago that after endless failed attempts of trying to get pregnant that I would not be a mother due to genetic issues. Has anyone else chosen this route of treatment I've been told that it's safer for me health wise. And if my cervix is removed that it lessens my likely hood of a re occurrence.

Hello I also have HPV and had CIN 3 these were removed with the Lletz treatment.  I havent heard of anyone having a hysterectomy unless you are older and have several of the Lletz treatments.  It might be worth a chat with the clinic or you GP to see what they suggest.  I hope all goes well. xxx