Will a persistent infection go away

I’ve researches hpv for the last several weeks since being diagnosed and I still do not understand what this diagnoses really means.

I am 32 married for 10 years so can only assume this is a persistent infection so does this mean I will have this until it turns into cancer or can my body still fight it off…

Does anyone know?

I have had HPV for 10 years and would like to know the same thing.  

Hi Yost sleep, is it possible that yours is a new infection? 

The most recent research is saying that once your immune system clears the virus it will remain in your body and lie dormant and can remain in your cervical cells for many many years. So essentially even when your body 'clears' the virus, it is still there but not causing any damage. On rare circumstances it can cause damage and cervical cancer. 

When the virus is cleared, it will not cause cell damage, and the cervical changes found on a PAP will reverse themselves in those circumstances (which is the case more often than not); but the virus is dormant and is still present in the body. 

Honestly without getting too scientific, the research is still very foggy with regard to the dormancy and persistent infections. There is no definitive answer as to when a virus will go dormant in a certain person, or how long it can remain active- though it is thought that the high risk infections can remain for a very very long time. For a personal example, my Auntie was 57 when she found out she had HPV and she had been married since she was 22!

Just remember that while the virus CAN cause cell changes when active, the incidence of an HPV infection actually leading to cervical cancer, especially if you are getting regular PAPs and treating any abnormal cells, is extremely low. 

Thank you so much for all of the good information. I know it is rare for the virus to actually cause cancer...I've read several different studies that say there's anywhere from a 20% to 0.5% chance that after you test positive for hpv that you will develop cervical cancer in the next 2-10 years! But I can't seem to find any good research on how the virus lays dormant or how to distinguish a persistent infection from one that just comes and goes! Crazy that they do not know this yet but they tell woman you test negative that they can wait 3-5  years for a pap when let's say there hpv is just laying dormant and may reactivate during that time frame...I just don't understand the new guidelines and I am not for them until they know more!

I honestly dont know if it was another HPV infection or the same,  but I believe I have had some type of HPV infection for 10 years.  Ive been married for 6 years and I would like to think that being with the same person for the rest of my life, my body could get rid of the hpv infection that I have.  I guess based on what serhunt says, I could have it forever but it will just lay dormant.  Obviously my worst fear is that at some point in my life it will be super aggressive and I will have cervical cancer.