Wife has dyskaryosis

Hi there, I’m new here.

My wife and I both come from a South Asian and Muslim background and have been married for nearly three years. Before we met, she had been with one person, while I had several partners. I found out after we got married that I had a wart, but I didn’t know if it was HPV because I hadn’t been tested.

Over time, things got worse, and in May '22, I was diagnosed with HPV. I’m getting treatment to get rid of the warts and I’ve also stopped smoking to be healthier. Not long after I found out I had HPV, my wife also tested positive for it after a smear test. She went through a tough procedure called a colonoscopy to remove some serious abnormal cells (high grade (moderate) dskaryosos). They told her this should solve the problem and she’d recover.

Since then, we’ve been really careful, especially with intimacy, to keep each other safe. But even with all our efforts, her latest tests in Spain, after some delays and rescheduled appointments with the NHS, showed she still has abnormal cells. This was confirmed by another smear test and a biopsy. Her doctors think the problem has gotten worse and that she might have been reinfected, as her dskaryosos is now high. It’s brought up a lot of difficult conversations about whether we can stay together. We argue a lot, and she’s struggling with the stigma of having an STD and the fear of possibly developing cancer. She tried therapy, but she feels too ashamed to talk about it openly.

I’m feeling guilty and don’t know how to make things better or help our relationship move forward. I espcially do not understnad how my HPV strand (6-11, I have warts) mutated into 16-18 for her?

I would appreciate any help.


I don’t believe it is possible for the strain you have to mutate into the type your wife has.

Sadly, once you have HPV you have it for life, it is likely the case that your wife’s was dormant and has become active again, rather than being re-infected.

It is also entirely possible that she picked it up from her previous partner, the truth is, we can never know where we get it, unless we have only ever had the same partner


It is possible that you also had high risk strains, there is no test for men.

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Thank you for your replies.
I have yet to read anywhere, that high strain HPV (16-18) in Men also has the same warts commonly found in HPV 6-11.
Her Spanish doctors are now telling me they can preform Anal Swabs on Men to test for HPV and the type you have. Is this something anyone knows about, as I asked the NHS and they do not do it here for men.

Hpv 16/ 18 don’t cause warts. Don’t know what to say aboult the anal hpv test.