Wife has abnormal smear, my brain is hurting!

Hey, I was searching the web and stumbled across this site, maybe you can help.

My wife went for her first smear in 8 years last week, she is 34. Her last smear was after our first child was born, she is now 9. That was normal.

She received a letter yesterday with the results of her smear, low grade dyskaryosis and high risk HPV. She received a phone call this afternoon from the hospital with an appointment for 5 weeks time. Colposcopy booked.

I’ve done some reading online which has put both our minds at rest a little, but I’m a “worst case scenario” type of guy and my head is pounding with thoughts!

What if they’ve mistaken the results and it’s worse than what they think type of thoughts…

But then surely they can’t be that worried if they want her to wait 5 weeks for the other tests?

Does low grade dyskaryosis have to mutate to high grade before it then becomes cancerous? These are questions Google dosent really answer, it seems you amazing people know your stuff so any advice would be most appreciated… Thank you

Hi there 

it's great that you are keen to support your wife :) 

It is very common to have an abnormal result and extremely common to have HPV.  Your wife is very lucky that it has been found so early and they can treat it.  It is highly likey to be low grade (or CIN 1) as they suspect. You sometimes hear of people having CIN 2 diagnosed at colposcopy after this result but its highly unlikely to be much differnent from that.    

Furthermore the body is capable of clearing CIN 1 on its own so they may just take a 'watch and wait' approach.   Your wife can help this proces by getting as healthy as possible.  Lots of fresh fruit and veg, exercise an relaxation - plus stopping smoking if she does smoke (as there is a proven link).  

You are right that CIN needs to develop through the stages before it reaches cancer.  There are lots of fact sheets availbale on this website which explain it in more details.

Wishing you both the best of luck 

Thank you for your swift response.  When you first search "abnormal smear results".  It knocks you a little to see Macmillan and Cancer Research as the first couple of sites that pop up.  Although lots explain her results as probably pre-pre cancer cells it's still a worry.  As I said I'm a worst case scenario type of guy.  She hasn't really said much about it, that's how I know she's panicking on the inside.  I'm here looking for reassurance to ressasure her!

I am way ahead of you with the staying healthy, I've been today and purchased some immune system boosting vits and sups, she dosent smoke and isn't overweight.  So hopefully she can flush what ever it is straight out of her.

I just hope these 5 weeks come and go theN at the end all she will of had is a scare... 

Thanks again for your input, it was very valuable. 

Best wishes


I think its so nice that you have come on here in support of your wife. 

Low grade changes shouldn't be anything to worry about and as said above quite often is a watch and wait :) 

wishing you all the best


Hi Worriedude,

Just wanted to share my positive story hope it helps! I was on the same boat as your wife 10 weeks ago low grade dyskaryosis and HR hpv. I went for my colposcopy on the 28th of October. The colposcopy itself wasn't painful it was just little bit uncomfortable they took a biopsy too. After a long wait for my biopsy result it came back as no sign of dysplasia (dyskaryosis) just hpv virus. I know everyone is different but try to be positive and don't worry to much:) 

All the best!

Thanks for your replies guys.  We feel much better. 

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Best wishes