Why would my GP be calling?

Hi All.

I had a colposcopy done 10 days ago after seeing a consultant for increasingly abnormal bleeding and changes in my cycle. they took 3 polyps and a sample to biopsy and found many more polyps which need removing quite urgently.

They said I would need a further hospital appointment for the polyp removals and so I was waiting for the appointment letter to come direct from the hospital as with my previous appointments.

I came back from a 3 day holiday and have had missed calls and a letter from my gp saying they’ve tried to call and asking me to make an appointment as they have had correspondence from the gynaecology unit at the hospital. What could be the reason for the appointment? I can’t understand why the GP is now involved again as I’m still under the care of the consultant?

hope someone can help as my imagination is running wild!


Hey there, 

Ah, it's so difficult to speculate with stuff like this & you can drive yourself a bit crazy doing so. Maybe because everything that happens within the hospital is communicated back to your GP, it's possible that they've just received that info & there has just been an overlap in the contact?! Fingers crossed that's all.  Regardless, hope you managed to get some answers today after the weekend & your holiday! x