Why radical hysterectomy if in situ?

I just got the call today that I have adenocarcinoma in situ. I go in for a biopsy on Thursday and based on that, will find out if I need a normal or radical hysterectomy. I guess that I dont understand why the radical would be necessary if its in situ?  Doesn't that mean its still pre cancerous?  I haven't gotten to talk to my doctor yet....I will be soon....but google has not been helpful.  If y'all have any light to shed, I'd be most appreciative. 

I'm in the exact same situation. My doctor told me, "I'm not telling you that you have cancer, but based on the results I would recommend a hysterectomy". I haven't had kids yet so it's been really weighing on my mind. I had my second set of tests last week and will find out August 7th if can go ahead and start trying for kids or if hysterectomy is the next course of action. My doc said that because the adenocarcinoma in situ cells found on the cervix normally have originated from further up(the beginning of the cervix/uterus) and because those type of cells can be a warning sign for further cancerous cells it's best to remove the uterus before the cancer has a chance to spread elsewhere. I don't know about you, but I didn't find that info comforting! When is your next doctor's appointment?

That is absolutely correct. Adenocarcinoma normally starts higher up inside the cervix and so it is much more difficult to detect. Chances are there is a bit more of it hiding out of sight.

Be lucky :-)