Why Hysterectomy and not Trach??

Hi Ladies,


First of all I’d like to say how much of a great support this page has been to me over the last few weeks. I am newly diagnosed and found myself looking on here daily as seeing such positivity spurred me on so much! 


I have a question which I’m not even sure anybody would be able to answer as it was a decision made by my consultant but wondered if anybody had been through a similar experience. 


I have been staged at 1b1 and my consultant has booked me for a hysterectomy, but leaving my ovaries. I am 32 years old, in a stable relationship and we don’t have any children yet. My main concern is obviously my fertility. My consultant is aware of my fertility concerns yet didn’t offer me a trach op even though I know this is possible at my stage. He just said surrogacy would be my only option. I was a little dazed in my meeting as it was all a bit much to take in as I’d been dreading it all week so didn’t ask many questions. I know in light of everything I am very grateful that I am at an early stage and can avoid rad/chemo and just hopefully need surgery, but I can’t stop thinking that I will never carry my own child. Surrogacy is at least an option and I’m grateful for that, but I wasn’t offered any pre op precautions like freezing my eggs which I know many girls have done. I just don’t know why he didn’t consider a trach due to my situation or at least give me the option? I’ve had a CT scan and MRI and he didn’t even mention those results so I’m assuming they were clear!!


I know I should just call them and ask these questions but just wondered if anybody here had any advice/experience with this?


Thank you xx 


I was offered a hysterectomy to begin with but I'm 26, married with no children and I was so upset at the thought. 

I asked if there was not any other way it could be done and my consultant told me, there was a radical trach available but it was a specialised surgery and only some hospital do it.

So i fought to have it done in London which I was allowed to have In the end! 

The best thing i would advise is for you to do your research, find out where they do and who can do it and go to your consultant with the information. I know it feels like your doing all the work they should be doing but its so worth it! 

I went to the royal London hospita and saw Mr Manchanda for my surgery and I highly recommend The hospital and consultant. I do have to travel there for my 3monthly check ups but again it's so worth it! 

Hope this helps and I havent rambled on to much!

Good luck xxxx 


I was offered a further cone, trach or hysterectomy. I think it is quite specialised as I spoke to someone else on here in a much larger city who wasn't offered it yet I was. I would definitely try and talk to your consultant before making any final decisions. Best of luck x 

Hi Ladies!


Thank you so much for your replies!

I was thinking along the lines of my actual consultant not being able to do it but he’s very experienced so I don’t think that’s the case.


I’ve done a bit of research online and it does mention anything bigger than 3cm then a trach is not possible and mine is at 3cm, maybe this is why? I have also read that it has a higher chance of reaccuring :-( and miscarriages :-(


To be honest when I had my meeting with him I was only in there about 10 mins and that was it! I guess that is half my fault for not asking many questions! 

I am getting my head round the idea of surrogacy...as long as I can still have my own biological children then missing out on pregnancy is a small price to pay for surviving this awful disease. Positive thinking! 




Hi there 

i had my trach done at the Hammersmith hosptial in london and they have a few surgeons who can perform the operation. I couldn't fault them at all. whatever you decide to do I wish you all the best. Xxx 

Hi Ladies,


Just an update for you...I had a hysterectomy last Sunday and currently in recovery at home. The doctor said by ovaries look in good condition so hopefully surrogacy is the way forward for me. The operation went well and I’m slowly but surely getting better every day. 


Fingers crossed this has cured me!


Thank you for all your responses, much appreciated and I wish you well on all your journeys xx