Why have I had a biopsy when they said low grade?

hello, I'm new and very nervous!


i had a smear test in May. My results came back in June saying I had low grade (can't remember the name) and that I will need a colposcopy to make sure.


i suffer with anxiety so I read up about it. Prepared myself! But NOTHING compared to it. The pain! the Dr prodded around so much! He then took two biopsies that I actually cried because I didn't expect it.


he then told me If I need treatment it will have to be done under generAl. I was in and out so fast, I forgot all the questions I wanted to ask!


i am so scared! I'm bleeding quiet heavy, very very sore, and confused.


what happens next? 

Hi Kim

You sound like you've had a similar trip to me so far! My smear results were only borderline (mild as possible changes) but they test for the HPV virus now and my test came back positive for a high risk strain of HPV. That's why I got referred to colposcopy, and I suspect you might be the same. Did your letter say anything about HPV? As far as I understand it, whatever the smear result, if they find high risk HPV it's off to colposcopy for you!

They also took biopsies at my colposcopy. I did remember to ask the consultant how she thought it looked and she said CIN1 (mild) or CIN2 (moderate) changes, but the biopsy will confirm properly. The biopsy results came back as CIN2.

Your doctor sounds kind, like mine. Mine suggested that I have the treatment for it under general, but I decided to try local as I'd never had a GA and was worried about how I would recover. It didn't go well for me, though - 2 attempts to do the local anaesthetic and both times it was soooo painful. In the end we had to give up on that idea, and I had it done under GA last Friday.

I am also very very anxious about anything medical, but can honestly say having it done under general was fine. You fall asleep and when you wake up it's all over. Please try not to worry too much - if you have it done that way, it's really not too bad.

Best of luck and hope that they sort you out quickly

x x



I'm in the same boat as you.  Had a colposcopy on Tuesday to look for erosion as I was having bleeding after sex.  My smear was normal back in March.   So when he saw abnormal cells and took a biopsy I wasn't really prepared lol.  However unlike u I didn't feel any pain and he was really good about it all.  I'm still bleeding lighty so hoping that will stop but think it can last up to a week along with cramping he said.  I thought from reading on the Internet that they could tell what cells were ie CIN 1,2,3 when they applied the soulution but he said he didn't know and that's why he's ordering the biopsy.  He said they take about a week to come back abd I have a follow up appointment booked for next week.  

It's all so horrible.  But despite all of this I'm glad because if I didn't have the erosion and funny bleeding those cells wouldn't be picked up on my smear and could have turned in full blown cancer without anyone ever knowing.  

A GA is so nice literally you fall asleep into the deepest sleep ever and when you wake up it only feels like you've been asleep 2 mins.  And it's all over.  I'm having my erosion and any cells treated together so dunno what he will suggest for all that.  Just want it done now x

Good luck let us know how u get on.  Xxc

Hi Kim,

they usually always take biopsies to confirm smear findings and is obviously more accurate then going by eye. xx