Why does my diagnosis keep changing?

I test positive for HPV and abnormal cells at my routine smear examination which i was assured is fairly common and usually nothing to worry about. Luckily ive never missed one so i know thar 3 years ago my cells were all normal and HPV negative.

I had a colposcopy back in September and punch biopsies were taken and the nurse said the changes dont look concerning and very minimal which was a relief, but she wanted to take a few biopsies just to be sure as one area seemed “denser” .

My biopsy results came back as CIN 1 and 2 which i wasnt expecting and i needed to have lletz treatment.

At my lletz treatments yesterday the nurse has told me i have CIN 2.
Im just a bit confused why it seems to be different or getting worse at each appointment.
Im now concerned the lletz results will come back worse.
What is the next step for CIN 2 after lletz if the results arent all clear?
This 4 week wait is going to be awful!

Thanks in advance x

Hi Anna55, the nurses and doctors, although extremely experienced, are still making reasoned judgments at colposcopy. The biopsy is the real test and you can be assured that you have CIN 1 &
2. It’s highly unlikely that the LLETZ will bring up a different result, as the tissue examined is simply another biopsy. Your goal now is that the tissue removed via LLETZ will show clear margins, in other words they have removed all CIN with some clear tissues surrounding the abnormal area. If by chance they don’t get clear margins then the next step will most likely be a second LLETZ, with the aim to get clear margins second time round. Depending on your age and fertility, they will usually treat you as conservatively as possible. Try to remember that statistically 90% of people are successfully treated at their first LLETZ. I had CGIN (which is an equivalent of CIN 3 and my abnormal cells were successfully removed at the first LLETZ. Fingers crossed your results will be the same!


Thank you for your reply. That is so informative and reassuring. I hope you are doing well now.

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All good at the moment thanks Anna, although it did take me a while to get my head around the whole thing when I was at your stage. The waiting for results isn’t easy, but I found reading lots of information on here very reassuring and informative. I will have a follow up smear at the colposcopy clinic in January (‘test of cure’). Hoping the result will be negative for hpv and abnormal cells, and I can put it all behind me! Let us know how you get on with your results.

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I had cin 2 and 3 after my procedure all was removed went back for my 6 month pap and they are back already and still hpv postive having alot of abnormal bleeding scheduled to have another biopsy done on dec 6 to make sure still precancerous and also scheduled for hysterectomy on feb 16 sending u lots of prayers i know what ur going though

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CIN 2 is still only ‘moderate’ changes, rather than CIN3 which is severe, sometimes they even just leave CIN2 and monitor it. It’s good they have given you the lletz to remove them as then you can relax and not worry about them. I had CIN3 which were successfully removed after one treatment, it’s very unlikely you will have to have any more treatment. They will check the margins and ensure it’s all been removed and confirm whether any was CIN3 afterall. You’ll most likely have no more issues :slight_smile:

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