Why do we drive ourselves mad waiting on results???

Hi ladies, its now been 9 days since my lletz and now i’m starting to worry myself sick again. I can’t sleep at night n every day now i’m bloomin afraid i’m gonna get a phonecall. I was doing well up until yesterday, suppose its because i could find out one way or the other very soon i’m usually a rational minded person as well, but all this is doing my head in. I know i’m worried because i’ve been symptomatic without realising it and of course cin doesn’t cause pain. Its worrying knowing whatever was causing my pains gone now after my Lletz i just want my results back to ease my mind. Slowly driving myself mad again, i hate all this waiting.

I think waiting is one of the biggest challenges we face. I think most of us feel exactly how you are when waiting. I think its even more annoying that we knew they tend utopian get our results sometimes long before we here anything! Maybe give them a ring early next week and see if they can give you any news. 


Hi there

oh I know its just horrible....the waiting.....I know what you mean about the 'phonecall'....the problem is that it would never have crossed your mind had you not read that it happened to someone else lol!

Big deep breaths.....the longer the better in my book hunny......very soon with any luck you can out this all behind you :-)

BTW I have just been rung by the consultant herself confirming my Lletz date, reminding me that she is putting me to sleep to perform it....as per usual my mind turned instantly to the negative...wondering why she rung me personally and not the secretary....and why under GA...why is she being so nice?? Its my colleague who just looked at me and told me to get a grip! She is obvioulsy a very lovely empathetic lady! Deary me.

Hope you hear soon and keep it boxed away in your mind for now if you can....try and enjoy your weekend :-)


Hi Sharon,

I know exactly how you feel. It feels like you get a moments relief from one result and start the wait for the next one. I am due to have my tracelectomy and lymph node removal op a week monday and for the past week I have been getting pains in my legs. I am convinced it is something to do with my lymph nodes but really I have probably just slept funny or walked too much.

Try to do something that takes your mind off it for a bit. Treat yourself to a long bath with some nice bubbles, spend that little bit more on a nice bottle of wine to enjoy, even just get engrossed in a new book. These are all things which have helped me and I feel I am allowed to treat myself for the stress and anxiety this whole waiting game causes.

My friends mum said to me the other day 'We spend 90% of our time worrying about things that will never happen' which I really do believe is true.

Take care lovely.

Katy x

Oh dear, worry bags!!
It’s not gonna make any difference people saying “don’t worry” as this is normal and we need to be normal!! I agree with others about keeping busy, I was lucky enough to go on camping holiday the day after my LLETZ so had plenty to do. Was always on my mind but was told 3-4 weeks at least to wait.
When the hospital rang 2wks 3 days later and asked me in (whilst I was crabbing on Cromer pier with my 5yr old daughter on a lovely day out…) I knew this wasn’t right. But there’s nothing you can do- if it’s there, it’s there, best to know and get the treatment wheels rolling. Just think of all the people who never know as they’ve never gone for a smear.
Waffle, waffle- sorry!! Try to keep busy. Fingers crossed x

Hi ladies, thanks so much for your replys. I definately think your right Don, i could be in way worse a position. I only had my smear because i saw my gp with depression n he said it was overdue. Hmmmm it has been over 7 years since my last smear, when your meant to have then every 3 years. But i’ve only been with 1 man since my last test n we always used protection. I didn’t realise how long it takes for cin to develop to be picked up on a smear, had my test 7 years ago a little too soon me thinks as it was only 6 months after i believe i was infected, n stupidly thought at the time it would show up. Now i’m thinking how wrong i was n how bloomin stupid. Depression as at least stopped it getting any worse, possibly saved my life!!! Its been 5 years since i have had any sexual contact and i really stupidly thought i was ok. Now i obviously know i was very wrong. This whole things been 1 long nightmare that i just wish would end. To make it bloomin worse i only got depressed because i realised how lonely i am n don’t want to be alone forever, but the thought of having a sexual relationship is so scary, i don’t even trust my friends anymore which upsets me. I hated feeling like this n decided to get councilling through my gp when all this then landed on my head. Now thats kind of the last thing on my mind. I do think we worry way to much, but every now n then it all gets on top of you. I’ve got away from it all for abit tonight n had a laugh with my friends but annoyingly its always at the back of your mind. Gonna go out tomorrow n have a few drinks if i feel up to it. Maybe its only natural we drive ourselves insane worrying, its all the fear of the unknown, plays with our heads. I’ll be glad when its over with abit of luck i’ll know soon. Good luck to all you wonderfull ladies xxx

I am the same - its less than a week since my colposcopy and biopsies and the doc told me it would be about 4 weeks wait for results.   It seems far too long - but then I realise if i get a letter or call quicker that its not going to be good news so part of me wants to just have to wait the 4 weeks, be told its CIN and then have the loop treatment.  But then then i would be back to waiting for the result of that to make sure the first biopsy diagnosis was right.   the whole thing is a total nightmare for us all.  I have not had any conversations about hpv (stupidly didn't ask the doc) but I will ask them as I am pretty sure it will be my ex husband who has passed it to me.   I am 51, never had an abnormal smear - met him 8 years ago turns out he was something of a lad and I have since discovered that after I had my son he was getting involved in the phone sex lines and meeting up with women so I god only knows what he could have passed to me.    If it turns out this is all due to hpv then I am pretty sure I didn't have it before I knew him.   I've not told him any of this cos he thrives and almost enjoys this kind of drama and will somehow find a way to make it all about poor him and elicit sympathy from people.  Grrrr - sorry, thats kind of turned into a rant about my ex Surprised 



Oh ladies,
Don’t we all just get ourselves into a pickle, eh?? Men don’t know how lucky they are, they wouldn’t cope if had to go through what we have to. And it seems men get us into this situation in the first place ironically!!
You got it right though Sharon, go out with your friends, have a laugh, a giggle, a gossip and a drink or two. Yes, it will always be in the background of your mind but it must never stop you living life. If anything, it should encourage you to live life more fully.
Good luck ladies in your waiting. I hope you get good news x

Hi ladies, Disey rant all you eant it helps to get it out. This bloomin waiting is just never ending. It started in early july when 2 letters fell on my doormatt. Its now middle of September and it could be bloomin October before my Lletz results come back. I went on a very imprompto camping holiday with my kids n my ex to take my mind off things before my Lletz, that did me the world of good after all the stress of waiting for my biopsy results. Dons got it right i think, we’ve got to live life n enjoy outselves cos we don’t know whats rnd the corner. I’m gonna go out tonight n have a good time hopefully, try to keep the worry at the back of my mind. The waiting n worry through all this is just horrendous, men don’t know how lucky they are!!! This site has been godsend for me, makes you realise your not alone, thanks soo much ladies n i wish you all the best xxxxxxx