Why do some people have lletz straight away and others have to wait?


I had lletz treatment on tuesday at my intial colp appointment. I have seen since that it seems more common for people to have biopsys first before they then have lletz at a later date? I am prob over thinking it but am worrying that my abnormalties may have looked worse so they did the lletz straight away? Sorry if this seems a stupid, trivial question but thought id ask as its been playing on my mind.

Thanks x

I had my treatment at ini:tial colposcopy. Mild abnormalities are treated at the same time, so thats good news for you. Hope that puts your mind at rest. xx

Hi Dannii,

Please don't worry about this hun, it's simply dependent on what that particular hopsital/nhs trusts policy is. In Leeds they treat you on the day if they see moderate/severe changes at the colp. When we were having the little chat before hand she said if she thought the smear wrong and it was mild only she'd take a biopsy but if she saw moderate-sever she'd just whip it off right there (which I was fine about, Going for one appointment with my legs akimbo was plenty for me, moderate cell changes or not lol).

Don't apologise for asking, it's not a trivial question at all and if something is worrying you you should totally ask :) x x x x


Hi, I wondered the same thing. When I had my first smear test in Jan the nurse actually told me she could see cells on my cervix. I got results back withing a week saying severe dyskaryosis so booked my colposcopy. When the appointment came through in the post it actually said I would have the lletz at same time. Had it done on 19th Feb, still waiting for results. So nervous x