Why am I feeling this way?

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas to you all! I haven’t posted in a while but been thrown a curve ball today, my aunt who is more like a sister to me has just told me she is about 12 weeks pregnant, I am absolutely over the moon for her she has had lots of problems getting here and a lot of heartache, so why am I sitting here crying? Feeling overwhelmed by emotion and like I could vomit. I don’t understand myself right now and I feel so guilty that I’m feeling this way about something so wonderful. I know none of you can really answer that lol but as always when the “stuff” hits the fan this is the first place I go.

Thank you for reading/listening
Charlene x




it is totally understandable you feel this way, I suffered several miscarriages before CC, friends and family were announcing pregnancies, whilst pleased for them I felt distraught thinking ' will it ever be me? then went on to have a radical hysterectomy. Its a lot of turmoil you've experienced so dont be hard on yourself, best wishes xX

I understand your feelings. I think it's just cos we are going through such a bad time when we hear happy news it just reminds us of our dire situation. 

My friend had similar tests as mine at the same time as mine. She has just got the all clear.  I am absolutely over the moon for her that she hasnt  got the same time ahead as I have, I do feel what I suppose is a twang of envy. As I say I love my friend and wouldn't wish my situation on her or anyone else. It's just her good news makes me feel - I don't know how to explain it really except maybe jealous. She can carry on with her life and plan whereas I can't. 

Just to clarify, I would not want to take her joy away from her X 

Hi Charlene :-)

It sounds like emotional overload to me. I get this sometimes, just too emotional for my body to contain it and it has to come out by whatever means it can. So yes, I can bawl my eyes out when I'm happy, and, yes, I can make jokes when I'm distressed. And yes, there could be some envy in there which you are denying. You will need to deal with this if that is what it is. Talking with a counsellor may help you get to the bottom of it quickly and safely.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you guys so much. I managed to work my way through it by having a good bubble with her and being open and honest now I feel more relaxed about the situation xx