Why??? Already, So soon??

Ok ladies. Had bad smear in June (severe) changes. Had colposcopy and lletz which diagnosed 1a1 CC (though less than 0.1mm). Had another lletz which confirmed had all been removed. Went for a 6 month check up/smear in Jan. Results back in. ... mild changes. .... why??????? 

Hi Jelly

So sorry to hear this maybe your cervix isn't fighting off the hpv yet (making massive assumption that's what caused your cc apologies if not)

Keep us posted on this as I am on to 6 monthly check up now post Cc removed via Lletz. What led to your cc was it Cin or Cgin? 


I had a normal smear May 2011. Then June 2014 had a regular smear came back severe changes. Then had lletz diagnosed from that!

Hi hun.

Sorry you are going through all this.  I too had 1a1 CC but it was caused by CGIN (glandular cell changes).  They treated that also with the Lletz which diagnosed the CC. For me it was slightly different as they were not sure they had got all the CC with the Lletz so I had a radical hysterectomy last May.  Thankfully the results of the hysterectomy showed there was no cancer there at all - they had got it with the Lletz.  Just keep in your mind that they are keeping an eye on you closely and if you are unsure at all contact them.  If you keep having smears showing changes they may suggest something like cone surgery to try and get rid of the problem once and for all for you.  Keep in touch with us all on here and let us know how you are doing.  Love and hugs to you. xx