So, a combination of the treatment and my new healthy diet which consists of more fruit and veg than a supermarket, has left me, shall we say VERY TRUMPY.
Today I was in Wilkinsons and just strolling the aisles when out of nowhere (well my bottom ) came the biggest trump ever! Thankfully I was pushing a toddler in a buggy so was able to say oh excuse you Mrs and put the blame on her. I don’t think any of the other shoppers really bought it!!!

Just thought I’d share!

Haha Philleepa that's so funny! I must admit I've blamed my daughter once before too ;) xxx

Try probiotics! They will re establish healthy flora :)

Thanks for sharing Philleepa :-) My day needed brightening up :-)

This is so funny :)

I had a lot of excess wind as well although mine was burps or belches! It soon calmed down thank goodness! Hope your well xx

Brilliant! I too am incredibly windy! Have you seen the youtube video of the trumping hippo? Im very much lke that at the mo (the horror) lol xxxx