Whole body sore after smear?

I recently had my first Pap test. I’m a virgin and was quite frankly dreading it, but thought I was reasonably mentally prepared, found a provider I was comfortable with, etc. The speculum hurt, but I was managing to deep breathe through it. Then the scraping started and it was so painful, my entire body tensed up to the point every muscle in my body was sore for several days afterwards. It hurt to walk! It does have me a bit concerned for future exams (and eventually sex). Anyone else have similar experiences/advice to make it better? Thanks in advance! 

I am from Ontario Canada, not sure where you are from, but here they don’t do a PAP test, or smear as you called it, unless you are sexually active, or health concerns warrant one being done (abnormal bleeding, discharge etc).  My oldest daughter who is 24 just recently started to have sex and she just had her first PAP (smear) a couple of months ago.  I can’t tell you why you feel the way you do, but I can tell you that I’ve birthed 3 babies, naturally, and have had some major issues in that area, and I’m 51 and I still will have the odd PAP (smear) that will hurt like crazy.  Sorry this isn’t much help.

Hello, just like in Canada, in Eastern Europe smear tests or any speculum exams are not done on virgins. It is considered medically unethical and would be done rarely. From my own experience when having issues, they will examine you rectally at the gyno. No one would ever encourage you to have a smear test as there is nothing to test the lady for. Once you have become sexually active, they are recommended.

I have similar experience from a sexual health clinic as a virgin in the UK. No one would even touch me down there as a virgin. In the words of the doctor she didn't want to put me off sex for life by going inside with a speculum. I was advised to come back once sexually active. 

Anyway, I do not understand what you had the test for. A lifetime risk of cc in a sexually active woman is 1 per cent and in a virgin basically non existent. You should have had this explained!

Also be mindful of the fact that GPs get paid incentives for getting women screened and potentially for recruiting those who have never screened. Finally, the Programme is optional in the UK and you should have been informed about this as well.



My best advice to you is to ask your GP to take you off the list for smears until you have become sexually active. You could have been offered this. I was. Alternatively, you could opt out yourself for the same reason. You just need to sign a disclaimer.

Please don't put yourself through something you don't need, especially if it's causing you pain and traumatises you. There's a reason  why it's not recommended for virgins. Websites could be more clear on this.

Unfortunately in the UK it's not always about having the best interests of the patient on their minds. There are targets to be hit, incentives are paid out etc. 

Educate yourself about screening. Definitely a choice and not a mandatory test.


I disagree with the above advice about coming off the list for cervical screenings. I came off the list because I was pressurised to do so by a grumpy practitioner, who complained it was a waste of NHS money sending me the letters if i wasnt going to go.  I have lived to regret that decision. 

You can decline the appointments but stay on the list. It's easy to come off the list but even easier to forget to be put back on if you do become sexually active.