Who to listen to? Chemo doc or actual oncologist?

My chemo doc is still adamant about getting at least 1 more chemo preferably 2… My oncologist who set up all of my treatments and diagnosed me has said no more chemo. He basically said that since I’m done with external radiations the chemo is no longer needed and the fact that I got 4 out of 6 chemos is irrelevant. I listen to my oncologist right? Chemo doc is trying to urge me to come back though. Ugh, I wish they worked together as a team instead of using me as the go between!

Hi Nm The oncologist looks at the big picture the chemo doc has a narrower field. I'd go with the Oncologist. Jayne


from all the things I have read and have heard in regards to chemorad. The chemo given during the external has the most benefits. Go with the oncologist.

best of luck.