Who Has Kids?

I thought I read somewhere that Cervical Cancer changes are increased when you have kids. I was just wondering how real that was to this board at least. Those who were diagnosed, who had kids and who didn't? I do not have it, that I know of, but I do have fears and my dysplasia follow up is in January. Was just curious since I read that information.

Hi Traveler81,

I have stage2b with node involvement and i have 2 children; a 3 year old daughter and a 3 month old son who I was pregnsnt with when I developed symptoms. xxx

I have 3 children aged 15 13 and 6

3 kids here too...11 5 and 2


I have 3 kids too, well grown up kids  27, 23 &  19 x


I have 3 kids too, well grown up kids  27, 23 &  19 x

2b never been pregnant. Lots of women here never been pregnant and might find this show of hands rather upsetting.

I was trying to see how many had kids as opposed to not for statistics as they sat that makes you more susceptible to cc - multiple pregnancies. Just was interested, Tivoli

Hello Ladies, 

I understand where your question came from and why you asked, any information or statistics we can find to help us understand this disease more should be explored therefore I know you would not have intended any upset to any ladies on this forum. As you posted under 'Children' it is the choice of a person whether or not they read the post. 

Another way of looking at it is that some of us with children may find solace & support in the 'Children' section as we have to tell our children awful news regarding our journey. Although my said children are grown up, it did not make it any easier telling them a month ago I have Liver mets & it is incurable. Heartbroken is the only word to describe the feeling.

We must all take the support, love & help from this forum, it has been invaluable to me & I will continue to support ladies on here as much as I can during my treatment, hell, look at me now, everyone asleep, me wide awake & worrying. 

Please all be kind to eachother, life too short.....

Much Love Traveler81 & Tivoli  xx

Thank you DesignerFlo. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. That breaks my heart. Was this from cc originally? Sorry if I misunderstood that part. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs. 

Hi Traveler81,

Yes it was from my initial 2b CC  diagnosis in Nov 2015. it has spread through my blood to my Liver & near my stomach. Just had my 2nd Carbo/Taxol & Avastin chemo mix today. 

Hope your next check is good news.....crossing everything for you,

Keep in touch & Take care 

Flo xx

DesignerFlo - When was your last pap prior to your diagnosis? I am so sorry :(

Keep up the fight! I hope you were not sick from your treatment. Prayers for you. 

Hi Traveler81,

My last PAP was 2 years before & all clear before that.  My main symptom was groin pain on the right hand side that got steadly worse. Started off aching but sharp pains every now & then. I had a bit of bleeding but nothing major & as my Mirena coil had been in for nearly 5 years in the June my GP put it down to that running out so that was the initial plan to change that. 

Subsequently given a hysterectomy & CC found 4 wks after that as surgeon cut through my tumour. staged at 2b but poorly differentiated so an aggressive tumour. Treatment was gruelling, Radio more than the cisplatin but got through it & really thought we had beaten it. I've had 4 months of blissful ignorance from my NED in July till Nov. 

Mine is just an unfortunate turn of events, my CC has travelled through my blood which is around a 3% chance but I guess someone has to be in the 3 : \ 

I hope all goes well for you, I'm sure it will. At least you can keep asking questions & keep on top of your treatment. Always remember you know your body, doctors have studied for years but they don'r know your body like you do, if in doubt, badger and ask millions of questions.

Have a wonderful christmas & will speak again soon,

Take Care

Flo xxx



I have 4 boys but having the hpv virus is more of a reason to get cc...having hpv whilst pregnant increases yoyre chances of getting cc.Bcus the body is unable to fight the virus bcus of developing the baby but theres plenty of cancers that we get for this reason or that but we are made of cells that somthimes unfortunately go rogue!!:( trying to pin point reasons is damaging!! 

Like designer flo has said it's a low % that have blood born reccurance  but still makes it so very upsetting, us girls stick together and want us all to be ok from this horrible cancer :(( I see why people without children would find it upsetting to try to pinpoint cc on childbirh...not only do they cc but have no children either!!! We get it for a multiple of reasons!! 

i don't wish to be rude but you don't have cc so finding out who does or doesn't have children is pretty pointless...and upsetting!! 

I find your comment very insensitive. I'm allowed to ask any question I would like. You don't have to read or reply to them. I do have fears and I have the right to ask. That's why the forum is here. I had just read that it can cause the HPV to create abnormalities when pregnant. I've never been pregnant and have HPV 16 - the highest cc causing strain. Thought we are all here for support. 

Flo - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's with your kids! How are you? Thinking of you. 


I totally get that you may have worries if you have Hpv and in preganany it can turn to cc, but asking who does or doesn't have children sounds as tho your trying to pinpoint the reason for getting cc...which is insensitive as my children are not to blame for my cancer!! perhaps I read into your question wrong!! Yep we are all here to support each other and we all are free to ask questions, but its touchy for some when you ask who does and doesn't have children!! maybe it would be wise to speak to your doctor about your fears when you go in jan!! 

Sorry this struck a nerve with you, that wasn't my intent. I also never said anything about children being blamed for it? I'm so sorry you're upset, but I didn't come here to upset anyone. People have fears and curiosities.  You can read it and move on. I see things all of the time on the internet that scare me or makes me sad, but I don't get angry about it if it relates to my life in any way. So sorry you have gone through cc, as that had to be very hard. Also - the original post wasn't even under Children. The admin moved it here. Sorry to oftend anyone. Have a blessed day all! :) 

a 3 year old daughter and a 3 month old son who I was pregnsnt with when I developed symptoms