Who else has high-risk HPV-45?

I was diagnosed with HPV-45 in late April and am terrified, since it is a high-risk strain, the third worst genotype to have besides 16 and 18, and supposedly responsible for an aggressive form of adenocarcinoma, which is also harder to detect with regular smears.

I have strong reason to believe I contracted it late last year and am still positive for it now, which means it has been active for almost one full year. I am in my 40s and terrified it will be even more difficult to fight off, thus likely turning into cancer as a result. :’(

Is there anyone else on here who is currently battling HPV-45? For how long so far? Any “survivors” who successfully fought it into dormancy? How long did it take to clear?

I have high risk hpv 45 i have recentley had a colposcopy and no anbormality was found. 

I am high risk hpv 16 positive. I have adenocarcinoma. Or glandular cancer whatever you wanna call it.

That is good news! You must be relieved about that, at least.

I have had a couple of regular smears since finding out, both normal, so was told to come back in 6 months. No need for a colposcopy just yet. However, I have other risk factors for persistence besides my age, so am worried it won't clear. Been taking all kinds of supplements and eating healthy foods to try and clear it quickly, but no luck so far.

If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had it do you think? Are you doing/taking anything special? Did your doctor have anything to say about HPV-45 in particular? Sorry for all of the questions!

I'm sorry to hear that. Looking at your signature, it is very lucky it hasn't spread, so it seems they are thankfully able to treat it. Are you undergoing radiation and chemo, no surgery? I hope you are holding up well. I gather the treatments can be quite draining. Did you only discover you have HPV-16 this June/July, out of interest?

I am relieved about it yeah, they found a small amount of squamous metaplasia which he said was benign. If you dont mind me asking what other risk factors do you have? Having high risk hpv doesnt mean you will get cancer people can be positve with hpv 16 18 and 45 and not get cancer.. i know it can be difficult to remember that at times. I dont know how long i have had it i would say about 4 years. I am taking folic acid as i have heard that can help boost your immune system. The consultant who did the colposcopy said 45 is not as worrying as 16 or 18. 

May I ask how people know what strain of hpv they have? Is this something done routinely where you live? Or have you paid for a specific test? 


I paid for a private hpv test 

Im in the US my doctor automatically screens paps for HPV if you're over 30. Idk if its standard or not tbh. 

No surgery because my tumor was too large. I was given a combination of external, internal radiations and chemo. I've just finished with my externals and have 5 internals to complete and 2 Chemos left, ugh. Im just ready to be done with it.

I also went private and it very much depends on the clinic and which test they use. Some tests only group generally by high and low risk, or by high risk only, while other tests can single out 16 and 18, or can identify whichever type you have.

Besides my age, I was a heavy smoker (bad, I know, but my only vice!) until just a few months ago. Quit cold turkey soon after learning of my HPV diagnosis, but I'm sure that my former smoking sets me back compared to someone who has never smoked, plus I was smoking during the first few months of HPV infection, since I didn't know. There's also another issue, so yeah, not ideal.

I started taking a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C, lutein, lycopene and astragalus, plus occasional folic acid. Considering DIM as well. I know that's loads, lol, but I feel like I need to make an extra effort because of the above, although I don't know how much it's helping. I really want to clear it within 2 years, but if you've had it for 4 years, then maybe that's an overly optimistic goal. :/

I dont know how long i have had it i had a baby 14 weeks ago and i read that pregnancy can reactivate it. As some say hpv never reallu goes it just lays dormant and can rectivate when the body is under stress 

Congratulations! :D  But stressful to be told you have HPV so soon after delivery. :/  Yeah, I have read much about HPV, so get the whole dormancy thing. I realise it's hard to pinpoint when it was acquired, although I'm pretty sure in my case, as I had tested negative for HPV just a month before my last partner...

By the way, that's good your copolscopy consultant doesn't think HPV-45 is as bad as some other genotypes, although it doesn't seem that way if you Google! My gyno oncology specialist didn't have much to say, other than that it's not good to have any hrHPV type. :/

I know i have googled it to.. i am still frightend even after having a clear colposcopy.. high risk hpv is common though and cervical cancer is not x 

Hi:) I am late 40s and have HPV 18. I have had it  active for  3-4 years. The docs have been doing colposcopies and punch biopsies since January 2014. I have had 2 colpos and quite a few biopsies and endocervical currettage (ecc) since 18 tends to cause adenocarcinoma and it tends to hide up high. I am getting nervous, I will admit. I go back in March for a pap and if my hpv is still active, another colpo. I am hoping the hpv has gone dormant and if not, i hope it is still low grade, but 3 full years plus and it has not gone away surprises me. I am healthy and just don't get why my body doesn't get rid of it. 90% rid it within 2 years... yeah, right. Not this lady. I am trying to stay positive and trying not to worry. It is so weird, because I am not a worrier by nature. I just cannot seem to shake the odd feelings. In all other areas, I am calm, cool and collected, but not when it comes to this! lol :-)