White Patch on Cervix



I'm new here and looking for some guidance and help.

I'll keep it short for now and then if I need to, I'll give more info.

I had my last smear test in August 2013 which came back fine/normal.

I've been having problems with bladder infections etc so have had samples & swabs taken which came back okay after a course of antibiotics.  I had 3 bladder infections on the trot but since my last/longer course of antibiotics, haven't ahad it again.

At the surgery before Xmas when I was having all this done, the nurse saw a white patch on my cervix.  She tried to scrape it off thinking it was discharge but it didn't budge.

I went back again on 7th January and it was still there.  Another swab was done which came back satisfactory but she says she hasn't come across this white patch before so has referred my to the Gynaecologist.  Now I'm bit freaked out at this and thinking WTF!  I don't know how long it's going to take to get an appointment with the Gynae Dept and am panicking a bit thinking that if this is something sinister then time is of the essence.

I've had lots of things going on over the last 6 months or so and am starting to wonder whether they are all linked...... :/

Bad sweats, changes to my Thyroxine medication (which hasn't changed for over 10 years), abnormal bleeding etc..,


Any help or advice would be most grateful xx

Hi, just to let you know, I went for my colposcopy appointment today and was able to watch the examination on the screen. Immediately I saw a white blob, which wouldnt wipe off with the swab they were using...I asked whether it was something sinister and was told that it was a blocked gland and very common, so I am wondering if this may help identify the white patch. I hope you get your appointment through soon xxx