White patch but no biopsy done

Just wanting to know if someone else have been through the same. I’m pretty scared right now.

Back in October I had a routine pap smear and colposcopy done. Pap results were normal but during colposcopy they found small white patch. They tested me for HPV and it became negative. Didn’t have a biopsy done.Since the white patch was little they told me to check again in 6 months. Well, just went for the 6 months check up and while doing the colposcopy she said it was the same, no changes. Exactly the same white patch. I need to go to my OB with the colposcopy report while the pap smear results in two weeks but this lady said she didn’t believe the OB would order a biopsy (if the pap results come back normal). Would you ladies seek another opinion? Should I push for a biopsy? What else could be this white spot if I am HPV free? I’m nervous and sacared about this. Thank you!


i had a smear and biopsy done during colposcopy ... my smear came back normal n hpv negative but my biopsy was cin 1 so the smear can miss things. Since hpv causes the majority of cancers the chances of it being anything serious would be very rare but still i would request a biopsy to see for yourself what it is, quite possibly cin 1, same as myself ... i cant understand why they didnt do the biopsy on you to be honest especially this time considering the white patch is there the last 6 months .. I would push for biopsy if it were me for my own peace of mind.