White areas on colposcopy after negative snear

Hello everyone,

I'm in a full blown panic after my colposcopy yesterday. I had a negative smear test in August but have had occasional light bleeding the day after sex for a few months. Mentioned it to my GP last week and she urgently referred me to a gynaecologist who I saw on Monday.

He said he could see an area of erosion and said my clear smear history (at 25,28 and 31) was reassuring. They got me back yesterday (Wednesday) for a colposcopy which was with a different man. He said there was no erosion and there was more than one area that turned white after the acid. I really started to panic and this hasn't yet Subsidised. This has reignited my health anxiety which I have been doing well to forget.

I feel like I cannot function normally at all, although with a 3 year old I have to get on with it. I'm really scared and confused as to why my smear 2 months ago picked up nothing abnormal.