White area no answers

Good morning all

i feel so warn out with all this stress and worry. 

So i booked a doctors appointment because of symptoms I was getting bleeding I have the marina coil so my periods are not regular but the last 2 months Iv been spotting every 2 weeks and intercourse has become extremely painful and I spot after . Constant back and tummy pain I mentioned that im due a smear its been 3 years since my last one so she booked me for a smear 3 days later . I went for my smear on the friday the nurse said she thinks she can see an ectropion but can't be to sure so she said she wasnt going to wait for the smear results she was going to urgently refer me to a gynae and that they have a 2 week rule. my appointment was on the 22nd just gone . She wouldn't let my partner in with me witch upset me she was rude didn't ask me about any symptoms just how many pregnancys Iv had . She do the examination she said she made my cervix bleed abit form the swob she said she can see the ectropion and also a white area she took a biospy and said you will recive results in 4 weeks. i feel like it was all rushed she didn't explain anything to me I still haven't recivied my smear results that was done 9 days ago. Whats happeninG? Why is there a white area. 

im just so confused and scared . Im 27 I have 3 children my 1st smear was 3 yrs ago at 25 and all was normal . Please someone help me what to expect next .