Which HRT

Hi ladiesI have an appointment tomorrow with my GP to be prescibed HRT. My CNS has advised that I only a need oestrogen only type as my lining will most likey be damaged from the Radio. But my GP has said to go on combined as I still have a uterus (I haven't had surgery) and it should used for it's purpose..?Any help would be so appriciated!Thanks xxx

Hi there!.. I’d b inclined to listen to ur CNS rather than GP. I know ur consultant can issue ur HRT, so u don’t have to use ur GP. I know u still have ur uterus but the fact that treatment has pushed u into menopause means that it won’t be functioning hormonally. I was issued HRT that was meant for women with naturally occurring menopause (who still have a uterus even although I had a rh) & I ended up with bad cramps like period pains which freaked me right out thinking it was a re-occurrence. It’s so important to get the prescription right. I would trust the specialist in the field. Good luck.xxx