Which HRT

Hi ladies

I have an appointment tomorrow with my GP to be prescibed HRT. My CNS has advised that I only a need oestrogen only type as my lining will most likey be damaged from the Radio. But my GP has said to go on combined as I still have a uterus (I haven't had surgery) and it should used for it's purpose..?

Any help would be so appriciated!

Thanks xxx

Hi, just wanted to share your experience, i was 2b getting onto nearly five years after treatment but having probs with HRT, i was told i need a combined hrt also as like yourself the radiotherapy has damaged my uterus, then another doc said i dont need a combined HRT so now im wondering do i still need combined, i often wonder which one im supposed to be on myself, let me know how you get on, gets a bit confusing at times ill say, hope your well xxxLaughing