When you get turned on...

I’m not a cervical cancer fighter, but have had the loop excision back in January 2019, and found that ever since whenever I get ‘turned on’ aka my body self lubricates, I can tell it’s happening because it actually starts to hurt? It’s like an aching pain in my cervix/vaginal area. I could understand after I had the loop excision because obviously my body would have still been healing, obviously didn’t have sex after I had the loop excision, think I waited about 6 weeks, but this is now nearly 11 months later and it’s still happening.

My partner works abroad so don’t have sex as frequently, so when we come to having sex after 3 months apart it’s quite apparent to me when it happens, I try to push passed it but it’s so noticeable to me, I don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life because I’m worried it will have an affect on me mentally and sexually. I am also worried it’s something else as well I guess!

Has anyone else experienced this? I briefly spoke to the gynaecologist about it but she seemed to know nothing about it, didn’t really have a response if I’m honest, which I was a bit surprised at if I’m honest, as to me I would have thought this could be a side effect?

Let me know if anyone else experiences this, would be nice (in a way) to know I’m not alone.

I've not had this but in all honesty I've gone from colposcopy to surgery and still recovering so haven't had the chance or the rush to be turned on. However is something you should go back to your doctor about and see if they can investigate as it doesn't sound right. not that far on from the procedure.?

good luck and don't ignore it xx