When will i know ? :)


Hello ladies :)


This is my first post , came to this forum to find some answers , my name is Sandra .


My question is : at what point are you told that you do / no not have cervical cancer ?


Nhs just provide basic info,what happens after smear,after colposcopy , after biopsy , what treatments they use , what results mean etc. , but I cant find any information that would tell me after which test,will I know if I have it or not ?


After all,that is the point of all these tests, to find out if you have it or not and I just want to know when …


Please,can someone help me work this out ?


Thank you :)


Hi, I understand your worry I can only say what i know from my daughters experience. You go through colposcopy. punch biopsy and they give a general outcome but the last test is the loop biopsy or lletz as they call it and i believe it is from this test the final results are established. It can take a long time to get these results but im sure the hospital can give you some indication as to what they think before this test. I hope that helps. Good luck.xxx

Hi Sacha , thank you very much for taking time to read my post and to reply to my question , it does help :)

I had my colposcopy and treatment at the same time ( to remove abnormal cells i guess ) .

I thought after smear test,they will tell me if i got it not , then i thought i will find out at colposcopy,but ...

Just wanted to know at what stage they can confirm as this is my first time.

I'm not worried at all , just wish NHS would provide with info like this .

Thank you again x

Well good luck. The results take about 6 weeks. xxx

Hi Sondre

I had my colposcopy and biopsy etc then had a call about 10 days later saying the consultant wanted to see me.  The call was on a Friday and I saw him on the Monday - it was a long weekend!  It was at that appointment that I was told I had CC.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

Hi Cheryl , thank you very much for your reply .

Really sorry to hear you had bad news :(  

I hope you are ok now xxx



After treatment you should have been told 4-6 weeks for anther appointment to discuss results. Although it tends to be sooner if its CC from what ive read here x

Hi ,

yes,they made me appointment to ring them on 6th June between 1-3 to discuss results , so i guess if i dont get a phone call before then,i will get all clear.

I think they said that the letter will be send out too, but not sure,as wasnt paying much attention to what they were saying,just wanted the colposcopy and treatment to be done and over .

I have spent some time last night reading other stories on this forum,and i have to say,i'm really calm abut this , and waiting time doesnt bother me at all , just needed to know when,now i know it will be on 6th of June , so all is good :)

Thank you ladies for aking time to read this and to reply :)

Sandra x


Things are a lot better now thank you.  Its been tough but you get through it.  Not long had my 6 month check up and it was clear thank goodness!

Wishing you lots of luck with your results.


Cheryl,thats great news ! Glad to hear its all good now :)

Sandra x