When will I feel normal again! Xx

On Tuesday I had my first colopscopy with LLETZ done on the same day… I found the whole experience fine I had no pain and the nurses were sooo lovely and reassuring and I’ve had no pain or really any bleeding after just felt a little bit tender… But inside myself I feel a mess…

I think I really tormented myself whilst waiting to have my colopscopy I was worried sick my mind was just consumed with it constantly… But like I’ve said I found the experience fine so I don’t understand why I don’t feel like my normal self? I know that I had a biopsy taken and part of me in the back of my head is worrying about that.

When I’ve read my leaflet it says that some women can feel vulnerable and weepy after treatment but is it normal to still feel like this 4 days later?

Any advice would be really helpful.

Sarah xx

Hi Sarah

Its been 7 weeks since my colposcopy and biopsies and I still have the odd day where I don't feel myself. I think it's the anxiety and worry! It can play havoc with your emotions and with your body. I've started just taking time out for myself and really try and relax. I find it helps and I feel a bit happier!

Its a big thing that's happening and it is scary so it's only natural to feel like you do. And we are women. We have hormones. Sometimes you just have a down day and don't know why lol

Hope you feel better soon :) it takes time but you'll get there!

Charlene xx

Hi Sarah.
I think we've all been there. I'm still "vulenerable and weepy"... 
It's now just over a month since I had my LLETZ proceedure and  I still have my bad days - 
Even though I've been given the all clear - I think it was just the matter of everything happening within a period of less than three months!
That and I'm still hearing about five different opionions (all from medical professionals) post op. 
I've also had a lot of trouble with the healing process; infections, allergies, more infections, constant pain.
Let alone throwing in my 21st birthday amoung all that! 

Hopefully there are sunny days ahead for us!

-hugs from Australia- 
Kate. xx

I had my LEEP done less than a week ago and I find myself very distracted. There is some strange feeling in the area of cervix too - probably because the dr put a stitch in my cervical canal (ouch!!).

I think just taking it easy and relaxing should help. Itbis definitely a distress for us, not only we had just a part of cervix removed, it is still healing. Also, waiting for results is stressful, plus I worry about how many thoiusands I will have to pay formy surgery (although I have insurance, I had general anesthesia so that will rack up the bill).

Best of luck!