When to have trachelectomy?

Is trachelectomy an option once you haven't got much cervix left?  I've done 2 LEETZ treatments and few biopsies and at the moment was diagnosed with CIN 3.

Please .. help me! I have a hysterectomy booked on Thursday and I'm not sure if is the best treatment for me ..,,

Thank you

Hi there,
This is really something you should talk to your key nurse and consultant about.
I know that my consultant went straight to the Trachelectomy as he said once I’ve had a cone biopsy or large lets he wouldn’t be able to carry it out?! But I don’t know whether that’s just him??
Give them a call and let them know how you feel.
Take care x

Thanks for your reply!! At the same time that I'm desperately want an second opinion I get so scared when I see cases that CIN 3into earlystages cancer in few months. Shocking! So wish I had given more info from my doctors from start ... 


I've tried to ask the nurse by the phone and when I rang up just felt that she run in circles and did not give me a clear answer ... Will definitely be calling her on Monday again as is very I portent to me. Do you remember what was the criteria to see if they could perform a trachelectomy on you?


Sorry for keep asking ... Thanks for your help

Hi Leah. Did you manage to get any more advise from your surgeon? I was 31 with no children and had stage 1b1 grade 2 carcinoma. The Trachelectomy isnt suitable for everyone and they dont perform it at every hospital. I had my lymphnodes removed first to check for any spread of cancer and then my cervix removed. They should be giving you much more information than you seem to have recieved.  I found it useful to take someone with me to my appointments as its difficult to take it all in. Thinking of you x

Parkyparks, thanks for your reply.  Ideally I would rather a trachelectomy but I spoke with some girls that kindly shared they experienceies and even tough every case is a different case i believed I probably would have a small chance only in having trach because is almost no more cervix left in my case. So I finally excepted and stopped with all the crying and booked my op rad hysterectomy for 6th February, NHS called me cancelling a day before, ... Booked again for 6th march ... NHS called a day before and canceled again ... And now I'm here feeling all frustrated and upset ...  

I've seen I'm my time of search for trach lots of brave and helpful girls! Girls with babies after trach .... Fantastic! I'm glad work out for you!! Wishing you all the best and a Happy life! ☺️