When should I be offered HRT

I have just been discharged today after a hysterectomy (taking ovaries and tubes etc). When the op was initially discussed they suggested I be on HRT afterwards as no ovaries so be plunged into surgical menopause. On discharge the nurses said they hadn’t written anything up for HRT and they rarely send anyone home with it. She said it would usually be the GP that prescribes it, or when I’m followed up with the histology results.
Has anyone else been through it that can shed any light?

Hi @Bella1
I hope you are feeling ok after your hysterectomy.
When I had my radical hysterectomy my surgeon said he would start me on HRT pretty much straight away. I was given a HRT patch on day 2 or 3 post op whilst still in hospital. The hospital gave me a few to start with but then I did have to get my GP to prescribe them after that. The info for this was on my discharge notes. It might be worth phoning the hospital and asking them to contact your oncologist about it. Then hopefully they can prescribe it for you or send a note to your GP asking them to do itx

@Bella1 , i had to wait until my histology results came back before commencing hrt. I started it 4 weeks post op and my gp prescribed it. Id get confirmation from your oncology team thst theyre happy for thr gp to do it.