when does it end

So guys been for a check up today and after mentioning I have been suffering with back pain I'm getting referred for a pelvic and back MRI. she did say that because I had back problems before the RH and radiotherapy it could have exasperated the problem, however I'm now back thinking recurrence. Has anyone else experienced severe lower back pain after treatment? I feel that this nightmare is never ending.....last week I posted how upbeat and fine I felt now I'm back to square one. Lea xxx

Hi Lea

Its such a roller coaster we are on ......up one week, then something brings it all back down...... 

I have had a little back pain, but im sure mine is fitness (or lack of !) and an ongoing problem due to excessice sports in my youth....... 

The Dr's  are on the case for you,  so fingers crossed for you....

I didnt want to read and run....... let us know how you get on

Take care


Hi Lea,

Yes we all have our wobbly moments. I can be as well and cheery as you like for months on end and then someone says one careless thing and I'm straight back down there fearing that the end is lurking inevitably round the corner. It's a rollercoaster, there is no better word for it.

I used to have terrible back problems - a chronically slipped disc that had to be removed (laminectomy). Loads better now :-) Gentle exercise should help. Walking not too fast up gentle slopes is what I find really helpful. Let us know how you get on.

Be lucky


Sometimes our stomach muscles are weak even a year after surgery and consequently we over use our back muscles to compensate. I hope it is this! You could try building up your core with Pilates, walking and a few minutes daily on an exercise ball to build up your core. Good luck xxx

hi Lea

i had suffered with back pain and odd twinges since about 3 months after my surgery, I had a CT scan after 13 months which showed nothing - yea

however my consultant said that  a lot had gone on down there - no sh4t and there would be odd twinges etc.  is it something we have to live with???

i agree with the comment on strengthening your core you will notice a big difference from that.



I received treatment in 2009 and have been cancer free ever since.  I had a back injury prior to internal/external radiation and chemo.  I did experience an increase in back and hip pain after treatment and for years afterwards.  I have found that heat and hot yoga are very helpful.  I personally think that radiation makes any sort of bone injury worse, but luckfully it kills the cancer cells.    


I know how scary it is to worry about reoccurance along with increased pain. I hope it comforts you to know that despite the pain I am cancer free and have been so for over 5 years.   I was a 2b with lymph node involvement.   


Thanks for your replies guys, I feel in my heart that my backs been made worse buy the treatment however I will not be able to relax until I get the results. I have my MRI on boxing day, then waiting for results. How long is it after before you get results? , hope everyone has a great Christmas :) xxx

Good luck today with your MRI Lea :-) Not sure how long you'll have to wait for results though, it seems to vary from region to region over there.

Hello Yeenahmarie! We haven't met before but I wish you would hang around here a little more often. A 2b with lymph node involvement and no recurrence after five years is exactly what several of us could do with seeing a little bit more of. So many women leave the forum within five years that it gives the impression not many make it. I think we should set up a little parade once a month or so so that survivors can do a little catwalk swagger and prove it can be done.

Best wishes to everyone


Hi Lea

Good luck with your MR today.  I had back problems a few months after my ops and it turned out it was triggered by the actual ops and I was successfully treated by a chiropractor.  She said a huge part of her work was treating post op patients.  Hope you get your results as quick as possible.



Hi guys, had mri today took an hour and half. Said they will be in touch over next couple of weeks. I'm actually glad I've been so I will know either way why I'm in agony, fingers crossed its the operation and RT. Hope You all had a nice Xmas and continue to have a healthy new year. 


Lea xxx