when do we feel normal again

Hi ladies,am just new to the site today Smile.

I was dignosed with stage 1b cervical cancer on the 9th march this year,never in my wildest dreams did i think it would ever happen to me but after 2 of my smear tests coming back cin 3 everytime i knew something wasn't quite rite. I was taken into my local hospital to investigate if it had spread any further (which it hadn't) so my doctor referred me for an mri scan and to have a radical hysterectomy in a hospital about 20 miles from where i lived. The surgeons up there were specialists in keyhole surgery for cancer patients,so i knew i was in good hands. my mri scan came back all clear :) and then i was due to have my surgery on the 17th april there. I had so many scary thoughts running through my head but i always remend positive throughtout the whole time. I had my surgery and everything went well were they removed my cervix,womb and some lympth nodes from my pelvis area,i got to keep my ovaries as they were ok..couldn't cope with going through the change as well.

I felt ok that night after surgery but it was the trapped wind in my stomach the next day,were they fill your tummy with air so they can see everything. There was times i felt like crying it was that bad but i soldiered on. They warn you of bladder problems with that type of op as the bladder is moved out of the way. I had no feeling that i needed to pee in the hospital so i had to be taught to empty my bladder myself and for going home. 5 wks after my op and at my parents house recovering i still had no feeling to pee but i was gradually going myself but squeezing my pelvic muscles and gently push my bladder would kick in lol its very frustrating and sometimes i would get angry at myself but thank god i have stopped using the catherers now near 3 wks and going myself but still not alot of sensation to pee :( i took a urine infection in hospital so that kept me in for a week instead of the 4 days they thought i would be in then 3 wks at home i took another one and that was due to using the catherers.

I having started going for short walks to strenghten up my muscles,you can feel it in your tummy when out walking which gets alittle uncomfortable but its something that has to be done..don't want to stiffen up. Am back home again in my own house with my daughter and feeling good,still can't do alot of things like heavy housework and lifting etc but baby steps everyday. I can lie on my side for short time which is fab as my butt and back got so sore at times. They don't tell you about all the other side effects of the op....the important side effects. Am still recovering and still have a way to go but am here alive and healthy...so cancer do one,you didn't get me Tongue Out.

Adele x

Hi Adele, Welcome!

Glad to hear you're getting on ok, despite it all.

In answer your original question, I don't think there's a sudden point when we feel normal, it's a lot to recover from phisically and to process emotionally, and it all comes together gradually over time.

A little over 5 months since my operation, I find that I am feeling better, thinking about it less and having more good days than bad days. I still have days when I'm really tired and just want to sleep though. It has been quite a tough road and I have made use of all the support I can, from the oncology team, my specialist nurse, my GP, family and friends, work, Jo's Trust and my local Maggie's Centre.

A lot of it also comes down to how you approach it yourself. Being a brave soldier and doing all the stiff upper lip stuff didn't work for me - I just tried to keep as positive as I could, but if I feel crap I admit I feel crap and let myself off the hook for it. I think the key is to be kind to yourself and not to feel that you 'should' or 'must' be up to doing anything until you're ready.

So take it easy, let people look after you get them to do the housework (especialloy ironing) for you for as long as you can wangle it.

Take care and keep in touch x

Hi Adele,



I had the op 10 days after you and I’m still struggling! I’ve started swimming, well walking up and down the pool as I can’t swim, and that has helped so so much. My recovery has been really slow, I’m 12 weeks now and only just able to drive.

I decided about 3 weeks ago to only do things that make me better. E.g. Instead of trying to empty the dishwasher even though it hurt, I would ask myself “will this help me to feel better?” Since this startlingly-obvious-to-everyone-but-me revelation I’ve relaxed loads and am recovering slowly but well.

So as Rosehip says, take it easy and just do the things you can or the things that will help.

My aunt had the hyst and said it was 9 months to a year before she felt good, so I’m aiming for that now rather than the 8 weeks I was told.