When can you get back to being you? (children mentioned)

hi I’m new to this. I’ve recently had a total hysterectomy due to having stage 1a2 cervical cancer. I seem to be healing well. Although I haven’t had any medical professionals tell me this, I am starting to feel more able to do most normal day to day things again. I seem to ohave stopped bleeding today too which I am taking as a good sign. Its only 3 weeks this week since my op but I’m not sure when I can get back to normal life. When can I pick my children up? Have a dance? Have sex? Etc. I don’t want to damage myself or anything but I’m not sure when I should even try anything. im feeling a little anxious about it all really.xx

Hi hun,

I've just come across your post, as I dont post on here often.  I'm 10 months post op - and still have good days and bad days.  physically i healed after about 6 - weeks.  i was back at the gym within 8 weeks!  Not lifting any weights - but gentle walking...etc and swimming.  I didnt have small children - my son was 9 at the time of my op - so can't really say when you can pick your children up.  mentally though - i'm still struggling.  I still dont feel like "me".  I dont think we can go back to "normal" or the way I was before.  But each day is getting easier.  with regards to sex - i was so scared and I think i waited until i was about 8 - 9 weeks post op, certainly at least 6 weeks *thats what they recommend).  it's your body - so you know in yourself when you feel ready.  i would say at least 6 weeks before picking up your children hun.  Although it looks good from the outside - internally theres lots more going on.

Hope you recover quickly xxxx

Hello lovely, 

I feel pretty similar to you to be honest (except I don't have any children). I had trachelectomy on 2nd March and subsequently told no further treatment required on 22nd March. I was up and about after a week, started walking again after 3 weeks, and started yoga again after 4 weeks. But I don't feel like "me" yet, and I might not again. I have good days and bad days. I'm now back at work... joys. 

I think if you're up and walking about - turn the music up loud and dance as best you can. Only good things can happen : 

Wishing you the best xxx

Hi I’m five months post op my consultant told me it would take six months for your boday and mind to fully recover. I too have good days and bad days such as the odd twinges and feeling tired. It’s my mental health what’s taking the brunt of things now, I certainly  don’t feel like my own self but they say times a great healer. Just take one day at a time and listen to your body as doing too much can hinder your recovery.

Wishing you well in your recovery take care.xx 

Thank you all for your comments and sorry for the really late reply. I am all healed but mentally I will never be the same I don't think. I'm struggling with my depression and my anxiety is worse than ever. I know I should be living my life to the fullest as I was one of the lucky ones but I find instead I'm in constant fear that I have cancer else where. Does anyone else have this or am I being silly? Everyone around me says I should be thankful I don't have cancer and be happy go lucky but I can't shake the feeling. And what if next time I'm not lucky? Sorry for being a Debbie downer xx

Hi In a Daze,

I still feel like that, again it goes it fits and starts wheras I could feel really happy and feel like my almost old self then the next minute I could feel flat, at the moment I am so tired and feel a little run down my legs ache so much in particular my groins, I also keep getting lots of mouth ulcers. I’m hoping I can jolt myself out of this lull and get back to feeling relative normal. I think cancer will always be enhetched in your mind somewhere no matter on how you are feeling.xx

Yes I think you're right, I think it's something I am just going to have to live with. I know I should be happy and living life but I'm struggling. I have my check up on Friday so maybe I'm just extra sensitive at the minute xx