When can they tell you what stage you are?

My old post is below if you want to read the background. TLDR I have a hospital phobia. Was referred on a tww and GP did a smear while I was there and that came back high grade dys. Had lletz under general (phobia), and they have told me it’s cancer. I am to have an MRI and a CT.


I am going to hospital tomorrow. Will they be able to tell me anything at all? I’m absolutely terrified. I am seriously struggling mentally with this. The phobia is making me want to run away and disappear. I have two small children and a husband who is affected by this. I don’t want them to have to bear this. I don’t want my poor husband and kids to have to watch me go through any of this, or wither and die.

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Try to take one day at a time! It’s def an emotional roller coaster and the unknown is the worst part. Once the ct/mri have resulted they should have an idea as to stage. It will show if the cancer has spread beyond the cervix and then treatment is dependent on that.

I have no idea what they’ll be saying to me tomorrow. I’m so terrified of hospitals it’s an enormous ordeal to get me through the door, even when I take diazepam it doesn’t help. I’m absolutely sick to my stomach with dread.

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I’m so sorry!! I hope the phobia will get better for you. Maybe once you have some answers, things will be better. A plan is always a good step.