When can I have a bath ...

hi all I know this has been asked before but I’m 11 days post lletz and I’m dying for a bath ,my taps won’t hold a shower so I have been standing In the bath poring water over myself to wash,it’s been so hot and I have been working all Easter on a hospital ward and I just don’t feel clean ,after my lletz she said I can bath at 10/14 days I think I can’t really remember but the booklet says four weeks .

Another thing is everything has stopped no discharge never had any bleeding and only ever had slight discharge but I have pain in my side/pelvis not agony more like a stitch type pain ,I’m waiting for something to happen bleeding or the silver nitrate to come out but nothing ,is this normal at this stage is the worst yet to come ,they took a big bit of my cervix off during lletz so I expected the worst during healing .

I know people are dealing with much bigger problems but this site is the only place you ever find a answer thanks 


Dont have a bath!! I know exactly how frustrating it is not being able to have one but you should really wait the 4 weeks. The reason for this is around 10-14 days is when the scabs come off and this is prime time to get an infection.

Mind you, its easy for me to say because I dont have a bath in the house...




Meraud thank you for highlighting this!

I didn’t know that about the scab so I’m glad I’ve read this xx