When can i get a colposcopy

I had my firat smear 7th april i am 25 was invited in september but kept put it of due to irregular  bleeding. My results come in yesterday  as low grade with HPV so been invited for a colposcopy however the leaflet states you cant be on ypu periond but since January  i have been bleeding heavily between periods had about 4 weeks or less without bleeding i also have been suffering with back pain in my lower back and cramping.

My question  is when can i get the colposcopy  when i bleed between periods has any one experienced similar

Thank you

Depends where you go I think. I started my period the day before my colposcopy so was at my heaviest when I went and they managed it no problem. My heaviest now at 32 though is nothing to what it was like as an early teen. I would say go and let them have a look and judge it. What seems heavy to us on the outside as such won't look as bad st the cervix. I was expecting more on the screen that shows your cervix but it was ok.