What's wrong with me?


my story is a bit of a long one but any reply would be so appreciated. I've always been for my smear tests anx they have always been fine. I'm 39 and have had 3 children. 1st on time and vaginal delivery but I had to have reconstruction afterwards. 2nd child 5 weeks early (vaginal) and 3rd child 10 weeks early via emergency section as he was stuck sideways with a hand and foot out. (He is now 12 and has cerebral palsy)

Anyway, I started to feel a bit more tired than usual about 18 month ago so I went to my GP who said I was not absorbing iron so gave me iron tablets and antibiotics as I had protein in my wee.

I went back a few times more over the last 18 months for various things including constant lower back pain, bleeding between periods and very strange periods that would start off brown for a day or two then clots. 

I was originally referred to a gastro team where I had a colonoscopy and they said I had irritable bowel.

everything has been getting worse so I went back to a different GP who referred me to gyno.

on my first visit after my ultra sound I was told that I had a chunky womb and a few fibroids and cyst but nothing to worry about. The doctor offered me the coil to help with my 'heavy periods' to which I tried to explain that that wasn't really my problem but all the other symptoMs (tiredness, constant back ache, irregular spotting, prot in wee)

She finally examined me and changed her tune almost straight away. I had to sit on my fists but that still didn't allow her to get to my cervix. She changed gloves twice because I was bleeding and then said "are you sure your smears have been normal because I can't find the opening of your cervix"

I assured her I had always been to my smears and she said she wasn't happy with what she was seeing and I need to go in and have a GA so she can have a proper look and take biopsys.

I got dressed and left

this was a week ago and I go in on Friday. I am currently lay in bed with awful lower back pain and a numb/pibs and needle feeling in my leg.

i would really like to just have some honest, clear, straight down the line advice!

I'm a 'matter of fact' type of girl and I'm tired of 18 months of being pushed from pillar to post.

i know my body and something is telling me I'm not ok.

please someone be honest and tell me what they think! Any response would be massively appreciated xxxx



Hi, sorry me again! Just wondered if anyone had read my post and could help me at all? Thank you x

Hi Pickle,

I don't think I can help, but just wanted to send you a big hug. It must be very worrying for you. I hope they give you an appointment for your examination asap, there are lots of things it could be, but it must be hard not to focus on the worst case secario whilst you wait to be seen properly.

Big hugs to you


Hiya hun some of your symptoms sound like mine - the lower back pain bleeding and being diagnosed with ibs... try and keep positive at least you are under the hospital now x


so I had my hystroscopy on Friday. It didn't quite go to plan as my notes didn't get read properly. I arrived (not at my local hospital) but they wouldby give me a general anesthaetic as it has the potential to kill me due to an unknown allergy. So I was given the option of going home and having allergy tests then having it done when they know what my allergy is or doing it with a local and gas & air. I opted for the second option. This had all been going on for nearly 2 years so I'm not waiting any longer.

It wasn't too bad and I couldn't fault the staff. 

Consultant came to see me afterwards but I was still a bit high and didn't have anybody with me! 

Bascially think he said I have a very thick uterus and some of my womb is through my cervix which might be why I bleed. 

Didn't say much more (I don't think) other than see you in 6 weeks for your appointment.

Im feeling a bit lost and in limbo! No idea what anything means and another waiting game ahead :-( x

It sounds like maybe you have a prolapsed womb, that would explain the pain and bleeding. if you are unsure I would recommend ringing the hospital that carried out the procedure and speaking with the doctors secretary,  they should be able to get a member of the medical team to contact you and explain things a little more clearly. six weeks is a long time to wait if you are unsure and worried. x x