What's wrong with freezing?

I'll try and keep this short.  I had another colposcopy today after I had my 6 month smear which was normal (hurray!) but showed HPV.  After I'd had the loop I ended up in hospital for 3 days, which I wrote about on here when it happened back in March.  While I was in the hospital, the Dr performed the freezing thing (not technical name I know!) on me.  

So today at the colp I was telling the nurse about that, and she gasped and said 'He shouldn't have done that...don't tell me any more!'


What on Earth does that mean?!  I'd read about freezing before so at the time I wasn't particularly worried (even though it really hurt).  Why would that be a bad thing to do?


I think LLETZ is the preferred treatment in the UK because it doesn't destroy the cells, so you can check the sample to see how severe the abnormality was and whether the margins were clear.  Freezing destroys the cells so you can't tell if they were CIN1/2/3 or if you got all of them.  BUT, I think you have to freeze cells on the vaginal walls - LLETZ only works on the cervix.  So perhaps you had some involvement elsewhere (as I did at my first colposcopy)  and they needed to freeze those cells.

I would err on the side of trusting your doctor.  You can always call and ask about your records to check where the freezing was done.